What does this beautiful name of Mandala Vinyasa mean, and what can a student expect from this class? Well, Mandala is a geometrical figure representing the Universe, normally starting with a circle inside a square, and Vinyasa, can mean linking breath and movement in a conscious...

  Nyepi Day in Bali is a New Year’s celebration unlike anywhere else and certainly something you should experience, at least once! Balinese Hindu Celebration of Nyepi in Nusa Lembongan It is a “Day of Silence” celebrated every Isakawarsa (Saka - New Year) according to Balinese calendar. It...

Wide Legged Standing Forward Fold  My favorite pose of the month has been this! After re-introducing running and circuits back into my life, my hamstrings need even more TLC and this pose is just perfect for opening them up, while having the added benefit of calming...

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