Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


18 August to 7 October, 2018

27 July to 10 September, 2019

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Our 100 Hour Teacher Training Modules

Module 1 – Vinyasa Sequencing & Anatomy (Part 1)

July 27 – 9 August, 2019

Module 2 – Vinyasa Sequencing & Anatomy (Part 2)

August 11 – 24, 2019

Module 3 – Yin Yoga

August 28 to 10 September, 2019

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Your Investment 

Full 300 Hour YTT – $3600 USD

Per 100 Hour Module – $1700 USD

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What Level of Experience do I need to have to Join?

Our YTT program is designed for the yoga practitioner, who already holds their 200 hour YTT certificate (in Vinyasa or Hatha yoga), and is now ready to take the next step and dive into the life changing experience of becoming an advanced yoga teacher. Your course must also be received by a Yoga Alliance accredited program.

Do I need to have strong practice already?

It is highly recommended that you have had a minimum of several years of regular practice prior to the start of the course, and ideally one year of experience of teaching yoga since your 200 hour YTT completion date.

For the Yin Yoga module we ask that you have at least 6 months of practice and experience in attending Yin Yoga classes in a studio with an experienced teacher.

Serenity Yoga Teacher Training

Hands on class experience

As the first Yoga Alliance registered yoga school on the island, with a Lead Trainer (E-RYT 500) with over 7500 hours of teaching experience, we will teach you above and beyond the minimum requirements of Yoga Alliance!

You will eat, sleep and breathe YOGA for 7 whole weeks and will leave ready to confidently teach 90 minute vinyasa flows filled with creativity, energy, and intention as well as guide a 90 minute class of yin yoga focused on the Chinese medicine system, and Yin Nidra.

We will shape you as a Yoga Professional – a leader of the future!

Our 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will provide you with a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga, expand your skills and open yourself up to moving closer to your most authentic self – and learn how to share your passion with the world around you.

This yoga teacher training intensive will place demands on your comfort zones, challenge your existing insecurities, inspire incredible self-esteem and self-respect both as a teacher and as an individual as well as transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and to others.

Practising class teaching

We will be working together in a small team, so each session will be a powerful opportunity to get to better know yourself, and those around you, supporting each other and helping each other grow and move forward as you make those steps of transitioning from teacher to advanced yoga teacher. This type of work becomes really powerful when a small group of people, all ready to break open and find out what really drives them, come together for the purpose of learning, self development, and enriching their own human experience.

Be open to change, be open to the unexpected presenting itself during this intensive practice.

Be prepared to be honest with yourself, to give yourself to each moment that comes to you, and to be receptive to seeing things from a totally different perspective than where you started.

We will be inviting big changes, while we quite literally shake things up and peel away those layers in which we bury ourselves in order to fit in to what we think is expected of that.

Yoga is a way of life

The Serenity Yoga Teacher Training consists of 4 key modules over 7 weeks, along with a high degree of practical focus and self-study. We go above and beyond the simple requirements of the Yoga Alliance in order to qualify to ensure that we get the most that we can from this beautiful experience.

Authentic hands on Yoga class experience

The Serenity Yoga Teacher Training consists of 4 key modules over 7 weeks, along with a high degree of practical focus and self-study. We go above and beyond the simple requirements of the Yoga Alliance in order to qualify to ensure that we get the most that we can from this beautiful experience.

Each day will include yoga workshops in the style of Vinyasa Yoga or Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, guided meditation and Pranayama, philosophy and yogic discussion, with full support from the Serenity Yoga team. Most of our teaching will take place in the beautifully calming space created within the fabulous shala of Serenity Yoga Lembongan.

You will discover your authentic voice and gifts as a teacher, create inspiring and meaningful themes, refine the art of observation, learn how to really see your students, design a self practice that will be the basis from which your own teaching style will emerge, and you will learn how this creates not good but fantastic teachers.

You will learn to understand better how to skilfully and playfully sequence group yoga classes, along with how to approach one on one teaching in private classes, making them more meaningful and personal. You will explore the idea of finding balance as a teacher between classes, retreats, workshops and teacher training.

on the path to becoming a Yoga teacher

You will be taught how to develop unique language skills to weave into your postural guidance when teaching, how to build more advanced class templates with themes, intentions, and peak poses, but also be able to switch between intuitive and planned sequencing, how to take inspiration from what you like not what you think you should like.

You will learn to embody the anatomy and philosophy of yoga, cultivating a deeper understanding of subtle body anatomy and energy that you can then sprinkle into your classes, and take further into better understanding your own practice and body.

You will learn how to use your own life experiences as inspiration in your classes, refining your gift of expression and teaching through constant feedback with your teacher and peers.

You will be taught how to modify poses for beginners or advanced practitioners in your class, ensuring that each yogi takes from their practice what they need.

You will learn verbal cues, how to offer powerful demonstrations, how to adapt, or assist your yogis when they can go further into their practice, or simply need help with alignment.

Finding Your Most Authentic Self
Finding your inner self on a YTT300 at Serenity Yoga Lembongan

You will learn more about Yin Yoga and the Chinese Meridian System through the first module of our  Yin Yoga training being incorporated into our 300 Hour YTT. You will learn 20 plus Yin Yoga asanas, the 12 meridian lines, theory and philosophy about yin and yang, meridian nidra, fascia versus muscle, compression versus tension, as well as learning how each body is completely unique while learning how to modify poses according to your audience. This will qualify you to teach Yin Yoga after completion of our 300 hour YTT.

We will develop our understanding of pranayama, exploring the science, the anatomy and different breathing techniques, learning how, why and when each would be more applicable and to whom.

You will discover the beauty of Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique and how to combine this into your practice of Yin Yoga and Meditation as we explore more about our energetic body and nervous system.

learning the business of Yoga

You will become an informed yoga teacher able to create intuitive and playful, focused and intelligent vinyasa flow classes through our advanced sequencing program.

We will explore further the history of yoga, and the philosophy of yoga and the culture in which yoga began and continues to grow into. We will also spend time exploring the world of Ayurveda.

We will discuss the business of yoga and how you can best represent and express your newly found skills in the market place!

We will touch on so many areas that you will realize that yoga is a journey of life, these 300 hours of training will simply be the start of the next step of your adventure of growing into your role as Yoga Teacher, bringing you towards the most exciting journey of all – finding your most authentic self.

Additional Elements of our Program

We will find ourselves involved in regular community projects, practicing our karma yoga and experiencing the beauty of village life on our paradise island. We would hope to be in a position to study for 6 days with one free day each week, either to join in a pre-arranged activity or else enjoy a day of personal time and self-reflection.


There will be a variety of assignments given to you during the course of the YTT to ensure that you are absorbing the information you are being taught each week. Topics will vary, and some will be written and some practical according to student needs. You will always be given substantial notice of requirements and deadlines as we progress through the course.

Final Assessment

There will be many stages and approaches to our final exam process, ensuring that you leave this program being the most skilled and capable teacher you could possibly hope to be.

Practical Exams

There will be three final practical exams:

1 You will be invited to teach a full 90 minute theme and peak pose based Vinyasa Flow yoga class to peers, with full support and feedback afterwards.

(You will also watch and take notes on one of your peers conducting their 90-minute Vinyasa Flow exam class, feeding back one on one at the end of their exam piece)

2 You will be invited to teach a full 90 minute Yin Yoga class to peers, with full support and feedback afterwards.

(You will also watch and take notes on one of your peers conducting their 90-minute Yin Yoga exam class, feeding back one on one at the end of their exam piece)

3 You will prepare and deliver a 2-hour workshop on a relevant topic of your choice, which will be discussed and confirmed during one on one session with Lead Trainer. 


There will a course work project assigned to you during the course of your YTT regarding Private Yoga session planning.

This will be discussed and confirmed during one on one session with Lead Trainer.

Final Written Exams:

1 There will be a written exam (multiple choice and open-ended questions) in the final week for Advanced Vinyasa. 

2 There will also be a written exam (multiple choice and open-ended questions) in the final week for Yin Yoga.

Yoga Classes

All yoga classes one week before our course begins are free to YTT students.

So please feel free to arrive early and make the most of this beautiful opportunity.

RYS 300 LogoSerenity Yoga

We are the only yoga school in Nusa Lembongan that is an RYS (Registered Yoga School) with the Yoga Alliance, the governing body of YTT Programs.

E-RYT500 LogoOur Lead Trainer

Caroline is an E-RYT 500, and RYT 500 Qualified Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching and sharing yoga for over 6 years now, as well as teaching YTT 200 Hour Programs for over 2 years, and currently teaches hundreds of public classes each year. Caroline has taught well over 4000 hours of public and private classes, workshops and retreats.

Daily life on Nusa Lembongan

A Typical Day on YTT

  • 7:45am – YTT day begins
  • 8:00am-9:30am Practical Asana with Serenity Yoga Customers
  • 10:00am -12:30pm – Asana Breakdown/Lecture
  • 12:30pm – 2:00pm – Lunch
  • 2:00pm – 3:45pm – Asana Breakdown/Lecture/YTT yoga
  • 4:00pm – 5:15pm – Practical Asana with Serenity Yoga Customers
  • 5:30pm – 7:15pm – Yoga Nidra/Meditation/Pranayama (not all evenings)

Structure of our 300-Hour Program

RYS 300 LogoThe 300HR Yoga Teacher Training program meets the requirements of the national Yoga Alliance and provides training in the foundational principles of teaching and living yoga as Yoga Alliance outline below:

  • Techniques, Training & Practice – 50 hours (minimum)
  • Teaching Methodology – 5 hours (minimum)
  • Anatomy & Physiology – 15 hours (minimum)
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers – 30 hours (minimum)
  • Practicum – 30 hours (minimum)
  • Electives – remaining contact hours to be spread across the above principles, including our 3-day yoga excursion to Ubud, Bali.
  • Our focus for electives on this program with Serenity Yoga Lembongan will be on the following:
    Advanced Sequencing with intention and peak poses • Yin Yoga • Yoga Nidra • Energetic Body • Yoga Philosophy • Private Yoga Classes, Workshop & Yoga Programs • Teaching Yoga to Different Populations

Enjoying a meal together on YTT300
Students from YTT Class
images from YTT at Serenity

Initial Suggested Reading List

  • Teaching Yoga – Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Adjustments, Philosophy, Principles & Techniques – Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Sequencing – Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
  • Anatomy of Yoga – Ray Long
  • Bhagavad Gita – Easwarn/Stephen Mitchell
  • Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark
  • Insights – Sarah Powers
  • TheYoga Bible – ChristinaBrown
  • The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga – Kathryn Budig

Cost of Course 3,600$US

Payment of non-refundable deposit of $1,000 USD will be made within 3 days of confirming your reservation on our 300 Hour YTT program.

The remainder of the balance, $2,600 USD will be due in full 30 days before our program begins.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Some Questions before you Sign-up?

Enrolling on a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is a huge step. We are thrilled that you are thinking about doing it with Serenity Yoga on Lembongan.

We understand it is a big commitment both in time and money.

What is involved?, is my teacher a certified yoga instructor? and importantly will I be able to teach yoga upon completion of my course? are all very valid questions and we hope we have covered those and much more here on our FAQ page.

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